All Integrated manufacturing Facilities as:

  • Copper wire plating & drawing, plating of silver, Nickle and Tinning in house.
  • Conductor manufacturing, unilay stranding and bunching, CNC Bunching machines.
  • Insulation, Extruders for PVC, XLPE, PE, FRLS, PU, Nylon, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PEEK.
  • PTFE Tape manufacturing/Extrusion, of tape/slitting.
  • PTFE wrapping machines, CNC wrapping.
  • Braiding machines, twisting, bunching, laying.
  • Sheathing of PVC, FRLS, PU, ZOHAL, LFH, ETFE, FEP.
  • Armouing & Laying Machine.
  • Rubber manufacturing Machines, open mill, kneader, extruders.
  • Boilers & Vulcanisation, equipment.
  • Overhead cranes & Heavy Material handling.

Test Facilities

  • Complete test lab for IS 694.90, IS 1554 Part-I, IS 9968 Part-I & Part-II, Zero Halogen & Toxicity Testy Laboratory
  • Test lab as per JSS 5034.94 & MIL-W-16878, US MIL-C-27500.
  • Chemical test lab for measurement of Silver, Nickel, Tinned Copper & Galvanized Steel Wires.
  • FRLS test laboratory as per ASTM 2863, IEC.
  • Other facilities to test samples as per BS/ASTM/IEC standards.
  • Facilities as per VDE 0472/0812 etc.
  • Network analyzer for RF Coaxial Cable